WOW!! What a Science Fair

What a busy day we have had in P6 today. All our hard work since February came to an end today as we presented our Science Boards to parents and outside professional judges.

Science Fair has given us a context in which we have used many skills, not just science! We have used our investigation skills, we have made judgements/predictions about what would happen. We have gathered information and used our literacy and numeracy skills to write reports, draw tables and produce some graphs. We have researched the background of the science and we have drawn conclusions from our evidence.

Our presentation skills both artistically and vocally have been put to the test. We had a practise with the P5 classes and today our parents were able to see all our hard work.

Gary Notman and Paul Wishart, a seasoned professional at this, came and asked us some searching questions. They chose 2 winners from the year group to go forward to the citywide science fair. Thank you to them both for giving up a morning to be our judges.

First prize – Amy and Robert

Second Prize – Halle and Milly


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