WOW – Walk Once a Week



Have a read of the attached leaflet.

This October we are introducing WOW to the pupils at school. This is a new iniative for us which will encourage the children throughout school to walk to school more often. Children who use an active way to get to school once a week for a month will be rewarded with a fantastic badge. This will include walking, cycling, scooting or doing Park & Stride. Park & Stride should be at least a 5/10 minute walk!

Walking to school has many advantages and helps build healthy habits for a lifetime. Children who do some form of exercise generally:

Arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn.

Do better in class.

Are happier, healthier and more independent.

More children walking or being active on the way to school also means:

Reduced congestion and improved safety in our car park.

Better local air quality and reduced CO2 emissions.

Who can argue with any of the above? Please encourage your child to participate in this new scheme. As the year progresses we will be increasing the amount of journeys they need to complete in a week.

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