Transient Art!

Room 9 have been extremely busy outside discovering out-door materials. They were encouraged to use the materials that they found to create a piece of art. At first this was difficult as the children could only find a large tree or branch which they couldn’t use as they were much to heavy.

Instead we started to look for things that had maybe fallen off a tree or plant and we began to collect a lot of raw materials. Our playground is so useful and resourceful.


Shay – “We used little rocks and big stones, and old flowers and it was a very long flower and it had a big rock and old flowers for the petals.”

Hyuna – ” We made a blossom tree. We used sticks, fallen leaves and grass.”

Laila ” We made a flower, with grass, leaves and sticks. it was a bright flower.”

Angeline ” We made a butterfly out of grass for the wings, and we used some dirt and stones for the inside of the wings and sticks for the body.”

Lachie – “We made a tree. we reused, daisies, big sticks, grass and some sticks for the branches.”

Henry ” We made a Spring lamb! Out of shredded wood and sticks, stones and flowers. For the feeding bottle we used sticks and a huge stone!”

Please have a look at our pictures exploring outside and the natural resources we can use!

Love Room 9!

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