Sunflower Update!!


Our sunflowers have taken off (left in the picture below). We have been watering them everyday and checking up on them to keep them healthy. We have now measured the healthy sunflowers and they are roughly 32CM tall. Nearly as tall as some of us.

We were surprised to find out that sunflowers with no water and no sun (right in the picture below) still began to grow!! We researched this and found out that the seed holds some water inside which allows it to grow until it dries out.

“We have been observing the sunflowers and they are growing everyday.” – Tommy Rm3

“The sunflowers in no light and in no water have even grown.” – Samuel Rm3

“The sunflowers in the dark are turning yellow as they have run out of water and have no sun” – Sarah Rm 3

Stay tuned to find out what happens when we move the sunflowers into a bigger pot to allow them to continue to grow stronger. Love, Room 3 🙂

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