Science Activities

We explored eggs and wondered if there was anything that we could do to make the shell of an egg go soft.

Tomas suggested putting an egg into a solution of water and hay to see if that would soften the shell.

Eilish suggested putting an egg into boiling water to see if that would work.  This gave us the opportunity to talk about keeping safe at home and asking our parents to help us to explore ideas like these!

We put one egg into a small pot and Matthew covered it with warm water from a tap. In another pot, a second egg was put and this time we covered it with clear vinegar!

Two brave volunteers put their fingers into the pots to feel if the egg shells were hard or soft and they discovered that the shell of the egg in the vinegar began to come off within a few minutes of the egg being in the vinegar.

After break, we tried out a second experiment: we passed a slice of bread around the whole class and then put the bread into a poly bag.  We hope to see that the bread changes in some way to show that our hands weren’t as clean as they should be (even though they looked clean).  Then we all washed our hands using warm water and soap and the recommended technique to make sure hands are properly cleaned.  Nomaan and Zoe offered to put another slice of bread each into two more poly bags.  Hopefully, their bread slices will help to show how well they washed their hands.  We will have to wait to see what happens to the bread!

In the afternoon, we examined the leaves we had been collecting during our Outdoor explorations of the playground.  We chose one leaf at a time to draw outside with chalk, once we had drawn three, we drew a loop around our pictures.  Some children went on to write a sequence of numbers as high as they could!

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