SCARF Assembly – Safety

Today was our second whole school SCARF assembly. We were looking at the first letter – S. S stands for Safety. Mr Roberts told us all about Harold remembering he feels safe when he wears his special scarf. The red stripe reminds him he is safe.

In assembly we talked about the things in our world we use to keep us safe. We then talked about all the things we can do in school to keep us safe.


The teachers are watching out for pupils who show really good, safe behaviour and these children will receive a special SCARF certificate. Ask you children what they learnt at assembly today.

In school the pupils are being encouraged to:

  • walk down the left hand side of the corridor
  • play ball games only in designated areas
  • put away tools and equipment once they are finished with them
  • listen carefully to instructions from adults
  • know the fire drill routine
  • pick up any trip hazards


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