Rota Kids Blog By Ryan Mason

Rota Kids

Rota kids is a form of kids group that help the community in lots of fun ways. Rota kids is a part of the Rotary club and there are lots of Rota kids in different schools across Scotland.


November 2019 – Trip to an old folks home 

The first Rota kids trip at Mile End School was going to an old folks home. We met lots of nice people and chatted to them for about an hour. One person survived 2 plane crashes and one person went to Mile End School!! All of the Rota kids were really nervous but it turned out to be AMAZING!!!


November 2019 – Rotary boxes

The second Rota kids job for Mile end school was making Rotary boxes. Some people from the Rotary club came in to help with the boxes. First we had to make the boxes which was quite hard. We had to fold cardboard to make the boxes. Then we put categorized things into the boxes like teenage, toys, household and baby. Then we closed them up and put them into a big pile. In the end we had about 35 boxes! Then a big truck came to pick them up. There were already lots of boxes in the truck. We all started to put them in the truck. When we finished, we all had a big photo. I’m really enjoying Rota kids so far:)