Room 6 T1 update

It has been a very busy few weeks in Room 6! We are settling into our new class routines very well and having lots of fun learning. So much has been happening in our class, below are some of the highlights so far!

We read a story called “The Smartest Giant in Town”. We were so impressed with the giant for being so kind to his friends. We thought about what being kind looked and sounded like. Then we made ourselves these crowns, like the giant at the end of the story!

In P2 we will be expected to do some partner and group work. We had a think about what this looks like. We reminded ourselves of words like compromise. Then we designed a flag with out partner to demonstrate these skills.










In the first few weeks of term we were learning about shape. We used our shapes to make lots of cool pictures.














We also went outside to see how many shapes we could find. We found so many, we even found a hexagon.
































Then we moved on to learn about money for maths week. We had lots of visitors in during the week to tell us about their jobs and how they used maths on a daily basis. Thank you so very much to Dr Naheed, Mr Curtis, Mrs McCormick, Mrs McRae, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Devlin and Mr Moir. We loved having you visit us!

















For our topic this term we have been doing ‘Fairytales’. We had lots of fun building the 3 pigs houses and of course trying to knock them down!! During this lesson we spoke about ‘forces’ and discussed why the straw and stick houses were easy to knock down.


















We were also lucky enough to be in the audience for the Booster Cushion Theatre show. Some of us even got to go on stage! We thought the show was very funny. It was Hansel and Gretel, perfect for our topic!


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