Room 10 Algebra

For part of this term our maths topic has been algebra. Recently, we have finished the topic but we’ve learnt a lot.

When we stared the maths topic some pupils didn’t know anything about algebra but as we went along it started to become easier.

We understand that algebra is using a letter to represent an unknown number.

We had to use different resources and methods to figure out the answer.  We had to link our understanding of negative numbers and maths symbols when we were figuring out questions.

Here is an example of a question:

X + 5 = 10

We have to work out what the inverse of plus 5 is -which is minus- and take away 5 from both sides.

That means the answer is 5.  So x = 5.

2x = 6

This means that 2 x X equals 6.

So we can do the inverse of multiply – which is divide – so 6 divided by 2 is 3.

Therefore x = 3.


Written by Noor,  Room 10