Learning about Hinduism!

Our chosen religion to learn about this year is Hinduism! So far this term we have been learning and thinking all about special people, special places and special celebrations. This…

November WOW Stars

We have had another successful Walk to School month with  nearly 400 badges being awarded for November. Thank you to all of you making active choices on your way to school….

“Mind Blowing”

“Did you see that?!”  “Ewww!” “I’m never touching coins again!” “DIRTYYY!” Just a taste of things Room 8 have been saying about their recent experiment! We looked closely at washing hands and…

Home Teams

We have been working really hard in class in our new home teams to create a team name and banner.  It’s fun working and learning together!

Questionnaire for a local cafe

We have been using the internet to find out information about a local cafe.  Miss Petrie then set a home team task where we had to devise questions for the…