Booked (Aberdeen Book Festival)

The P6’s in R13 went to the Aberdeen book festival and had lots of fun. Mr Torrens had to make an item to save the world. The hat of silliness allowed…

It’s On The Cards

Room 11 were learning mental strategies in maths using playing cards last week. Tough but fun!

P6s are Flying High

The P6 year group started the year with a mini science project. We looked at paper aeroplanes and what makes them fly. We talked about resistance, streamlining, gravity and propulsion….

Graduation Day!

The children looked fantastic – all dressed up to celebrate their Nursery Graduation. We had a bit of fun with our friends and photos before attending the Graduation Ceremony.    …

Summer Break

Mrs Davidson wishes everyone a happy, relaxing summer break.  She will return as Head Teacher until October 2017.