Re-Think Your Drink

As a year group, we have been investigating how much sugar there is in a variety of different drinks. We were shocked to learn that there are 17 teaspoons of…

Pupil Leadership Team

Take time to stop at the noticeboard in the main corridor and familiarise yourself with who is who on our new pupil leadership team. They are a bonnie bunch!!

What About Your Altered Ego?

Rm10 have learnt how to draw a self portrait. They used mirrors and they learnt about the proportions of your features and your face. They then created the other half…

Safety Tips

As a year group the P7s are looking at Energy and Electricity. In our co-operative learning groups we created Electricity safety posters.

Wanted – Baddies in R10

We watched a short animation of the Rocketeer, a film based on the iconic 1991 film. We created a baddie who the Rocketeer would have a battle against. Before we…