Boccai Training

Our Playground Leaders had a great training session today at lunchtime. They are learning how to play Boccai, which is a Paralympic Sport. They are going to use their skills…

Primary 6 Masterclass

In primary 6 we have been learning about lots of different faith’s and beliefs. We were given time to research our chosen belief system and find out facts about important…

Tessellation in Room 7

Room 7 have been exploring tessellation (tiling) shapes today! The children have been exploring a range of shapes and materials to create different patterns.

P2 Fire Engine Visit

P2 had a visit from firefighters from North Anderson Drive. Thank you so much to the firefighters for giving up their time and explaining everything to the children. They all…

Room 6 – Making a pattern.

During some of our Math’s lessons this term we are looking at Pattern. Yesterday we made our own patterns using different materials.