Our Year in Room 7

Room 7 have had a fantastic year working so hard together. The children have come up with a list of things they have learned this year!

This is what we have enjoyed learning this year (and much more!)

  • How stone age people lived
    • salt dough jewellery
    • clay stone age homes
  • Maths
    • estimation and rounding
    • division and multiplication
    • money
    • shapes
    • time
  • Coding – Scratch
  • Writing
    • using adjectives
    • connectives and joining words

Polar regions topic

  • building an igloo
  • number talks
  • handwriting – joined up
  • reading

How to play Nicely

  • “Sharing is caring” – Miss Hunt must use this phrase too much!

ReadingEggs, MathsSeeds

  • Health and wellbeing
    • how to be healthy
    • allergies and coeliac disease
    • RoadSafetyusingScarf
  • Golden time
      • Drawing
      • loom bands
  • Engineering
      • how to make our shoebox cars
  • Creativity
      • how to do lots of crafts
  • Music
    • getting better at using the drums


Thank you so much for all of your work room 7!