Nursery : Water wall and Puppet theater

We have had a busy week repairing resources in Nursery this week.

Our outdoor water wall has been broken for a long time but with the help of the boys and girls we managed to work out that the problem was with the water supply. The boys and girls also put their thinking caps on and helped to attached different pipes and hoses to make the water run in different directions. On Friday we all spent a long time exploring the water wall and working out how to collect and transport the water. Mrs McRobbie was very impressed with our problem solving skills.

We also found a large wooden frame outside the janitor’s office which was all set to be thrown out. We decided we could turn into a puppet theater. The boys and girls helped to select curtains and some skipping rope to make the theater. On Friday we played with the theater for the first time. We had lots of fun putting on different shows for our friends.


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