Nursery cloakroom: Music

This term we are focusing on making better use of our cloakroom space and have the children more free flowing between the two areas. During each session the children will have the opportunity to decide how they want to use the space. They can pick from a range of activities from : soft play / construction / small group games / development of story, rhyme, fine motor and malleable skills /whiteboard games / story sack CD’s / music and much more.

This morning the boys and girls decided to take out the musical instruments. We selected a new CD of nursery rhymes from the music box, moved the coat pegs out of the way and got the box of instruments from the cupboard. The boys and girls spent all morning exploring the different instruments. We spoke about the instruments names and then the children played in time to the music, danced with the ribbons, formed bands and made up their own songs.

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