Lots of Socks for World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day

On Wednesday 21st March we took part in the ‘Lots of Socks’ campaign to raise awareness for World Down’s Syndrome Day.  The purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to learn about Down’s Syndrome and to help them understand the importance of equality and inclusion; this is a concept we think is particularly important in our school. Rooms 12 and 14 sent some pupils around the classes to deliver some information about Down’s syndrome, and to tell everyone to look out their crazy socks!

We all ‘rocked our socks’ on Wednesday – because people with Down’s Syndrome have an extra chromosome in their body, and chromosomes look a bit like socks!  Some of us wore socks with crazy patterns, some wore odd socks, and others were even more imaginative as you can see from the pictures!

In school some classes learned about Down’s Syndrome, and others talked about how we are all unique, and the importance of accepting that everyone is different, and that’s ok.  Every class was given coloured squares (to represent building blocks) and we wrote or drew something about ourselves that makes us unique.  We made this into a display in the corridor, so everyone can come and read about the ways that we are all different!


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