June 1st Visit to the Botanic Gardens

Can you see who has developed their tree climbing skills this week?  See the last photo for a clue!

Today, the children were asked to look for something that they liked and to take a photo of it with the iPad!  Straight away, Emily saw a huge clock, Donnie saw an interesting sign and an old gate and then Emily spotted another sign from a good way away!  It was much taller than any of us.

Unfortunately, Donnie’s sign was taken as a video clip, but I managed to get a screen shot of it!

At the entrance to the gardens, we showed each other letters that we recognised on the signpost.

We looked at all of the different coloured flowers in the gardens and spotted more signs in lots of places.  Emily took the photo of the plaque on the bench.  We wondered how this person could have been a doctor at the young age of 17!

We looked at the pond and marvelled at how tall the plants in the water had grown since we last looked.  We enjoyed picking the flowering weeds: there were lots of daisies and buttercups!  One of our mum helpers cleverly made daisy chain bracelets.

A boat was made out of pieces of wood, sticks and long grass and we used the magnifying glasses to explore the area – the red one made objects look a different colour.

We enjoyed watching the gardener empty his grass cuttings onto the compost heap.

A jam-packed morning!  Did you guess who that was in the first photo?


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