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Welcome back to a new session. As you know health and well-being in school covers social, emotional and physical health. Here are just a few reminders of things to consider for school which were put out in a recent newsletter.

Water Bottles

The pupils can become dehydrated at this time of year because it is so warm in school. A good idea is a water bottle. These can be re-filled during the day from the water fountain. Can you ensure water bottles are named and that they have sports tops, this avoids spillages on school work. The children should not be drinking fizzy or fruit juices during the day in class.

Nutrition Act

As a health promoting school and following the nutrition act guidelines we do not allow children to bring in birthday cakes or large bags of sweeties to share with the class. We appreciate your co-operation with this.

Snacks & Lunches

Can you remind your child that they should not be sharing their snacks or lunches with other children in school. We have children in school with allergies and intolerances and we want to ensure they are not eating anything which would endanger their health. When considering your choice of snacks please be mindful of allergies.

P.E./Astro Kit

P.E. kit should consist of shorts, indoor shoes and a t-shirt. Children with long hair are asked to tie it up for safety reasons. Any jewellery or watches should be removed for P.E. sessions. If earrings cannot be removed they should be covered with tape.

Generally the children in nursery – P5 do not get changed for Astro but individual class teachers may ask for outdoor trainers and warm leggings or joggers in cold weather. P6 & 7 pupils should be changing for Astro, individual teachers will advise on kit.

Pupils are not allowed to wear football tops for P.E. or Astro.

Car Park

As you aware we have on going issues with our car park, the volume of traffic and people parking either on double yellow lines or double parking. All of these issues make our car park an unsafe place for children in particular.

Can we ask that you remember to reverse park into spaces. We encourage the children to walk round the pavements and not cut through the car park. If they are crossing between the lines of cars they should be closely accompanied by an adult. We have had a few very close misses with children running in front of cars.

Encouraging your children to walk to and from school will help us tackle many of the issues we have in our car park. Our Pupil Forum group and the Parent Council are going to be looking at how to improve safety in our car park this session.

Bikes & Scooters

It is fantastic to see children using scooters and bikes for their journeys to school. Can you remind them to push them through the playground and then get on them at the gates. This is for the safety of everyone in the playground.

Bikeability will be offered to the P6s later this year to ensure they know how to use their bikes safely on the roads. It would be helpful if you encouraged your child to wear their cycle helmets at all times. This shows a good example to younger pupils.

House Captains, Vice Captains & Prefects

We have new captains and vice captains in P7 and they will be meeting regularly with Mrs Davidson to take forward projects in school. Prefects will also be allocated roles and responsibilities this term. Younger pupils can identify this senior pupil team by their metal badges. They will be happy to help!

We will update you as the year progresses with iniatives and events. If you have any suggestions or questions about health and well-being at Mile End do not hesitate to ask.

Elaine Sykes

Principal Teacher – Health & Well-Being

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