Drew Young Award

This is our second year of presenting the Drew Young award to a young person in P& for their citizenship roles within school. This year it was not just the staff who nominated pupils, but the P7 year group had the opportunity to nominate one of their peers. the lovely thing was there were over 15 nominations.

Mrs Grugeon and Mrs Sykes had the difficult job of narrowing that list done to 6. Here are the reasons the final 6 were nominated:

Robert Marwick

Robert has a very positive approach to everything he does in school. He has been a House Captain and a Playground Leader this year. He always tries hard to be very cheery and make people smile around him. Robert has been a good friend and support to Thomas in R15 this year. He works well as part of a team, encouraging the best in others.

Erin Stuart

Erin has been a Prefect, a member of the Charities Committee and a Strider this year. In her role on the Charities Committee she has gone beyond anything which has been asked, she has a very creative approach. She is extremely helpful and kind in all her interactions with pupils in school, she makes people feel included and valued. She is thoughtful of others and uses her initiative to support her peers and staff. She has also used her skills to organise her own charity event for the staff, selling knitted chicks at Easter time.

Inka Boyne

Inka has a very positive attitude to all areas of school, and she passes on her positivity to others. This year she has been a Playground Leader and a Prefect. She is cheerful and enthusiastic with her peers and with younger children. She has shown exceptional nurturing qualities, maturity and respect when working in partnership with pupils who access our ASN classes.

Olaf & Aziz

Olaf and Aziz have been jointly nominated for the Drew Young Award for how they exemplify the school’s vision ‘Inclusion that celebrates diversity with pupils aspiring to excellence’. They are both well-known and respected across the school for their positive character and willingness to help others. They consistently show maturity, dedication and nurturing qualities in their leadership roles as mentors and supporters for Room 4.

Oliver Pithie

Oliver takes his responsibilities in school very seriously. He carries them out with enthusiasm. He has been responsible for several things in school – the library and setting out the bikes in the playground. He is a Playground Leader and has been a Prefect this year.  Oliver is always very positive with a smile on his face. He likes to make people laugh. He is kind to others and goes out of his way to include children who may be on their own.

Every member of staff both teaching and non-teaching were given the opportunity to vote for a pupil. I am pleased to announce Erin Stuart is the winner of this year’s Drew Young Award.

Well done Erin, we are very proud of you!!

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