Religious and Moral Education


Scotland is a nation whose people hold a wide range of beliefs from many branches of the Christian faith to the world’s other major religions and to beliefs which lie outwith religious traditions. Such diversity enriches the Scottish nation and it serves as a thought provoking background for our children to develop their own beliefs and values. We have a diverse population at Mile End with many countries, cultures and beliefs being represented. This helps to provide a wide range of opportunities, experiences and resources for the pupils.

RME can be taught either discreetly ( only looking at the Experiences and Outcomes within RME) or in an interdisciplinary way. We have a school Chaplain and various other outside agencies who support us with the delivery of RME, this includes utilising some of our parents who have been willing to share about their own faith and religion.

RME supports pupils to:

  • recognise religion as an important expression of human experience
  • learn about and from the beliefs, values, practices and traditions of Christianity and the world religions selected for study, other traditions and viewpoints independent of religious belief
  • explore and develop knowledge and understanding of religions, recognising the place of Christianity in the Scottish context
  • investigate and understand the responses which religious and non-religious views can offer to questions about the nature and meaning of life
  • recognise and understand religious diversity and the importance of religion in society
  • develop respect for others and an understanding of beliefs and practices which are different from my own
  • explore and establish values such as wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity and engage in the development of and reflection upon my own moral values
  • develop my beliefs, attitudes, values and practices through reflection, discovery and critical evaluation
  • develop the skills of reflection, discernment, critical thinking and deciding how to act when making moral decisions
  • make a positive difference to the world by putting my beliefs and values into action
  • establish a firm foundation for lifelong learning, further learning and adult life.