Crisps For Helimed79

Welcome back everyone!

To start this term off we are getting behind a local fundraiser. SCAA, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, are trying to raise funds for a second helicopter which would be based out of Aberdeen. This helicopter would be used Scotland wide to collect pregnant mums and new born babies who needed specialist help at our hospital.

Walkers Crisps have partnered with Terracycle to find ways to recycle crisp bags.

The company says it is committed to reducing the impact of their packaging on the environment and they offer a free and simple solution. You can now recycle any brand of crisp packets – but not popcorn bags, crisp tubes, pretzel bags or meat snack bags.

The packets are cleaned and shredded to turn them into plastic pellets and they then become new park benches, plant pots, watering cans and cool bags.

Some of the money raised from this will be used to help fund the new helicopter.

Mile End feels this is a really cool idea to get behind, we are very close to the hospital and we have parents who would be working alongside the helicopter staff to bring patients safely to the hospital.

The children have all been told about this fantastic idea at assembly today. There will be a collection bucket at the end of each corridor. Please encourage your children to keep their crisp packets for the collection. You might want to send in your packets from home too!!


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