Christmas Tree Trip

The morning nursery enjoyed a trip to Tyrebagger forest this morning to choose a Christmas tree!

We met some elves in the forest. They told us facts about Christmas.

We had a look around to find the best tree to take back to nursery.

The tree was stuck in the ground.

We all helped to pull out the tree, but it was still stuck!

We called for Mr Chopper Upper to see if he could help us.

He used his chainsaw to cut down our tree.

It was noisy!

We all had to shout “Timber” as it fell to the ground.

We then had to shout on Mr Chopper Upper, Wrapper Upper to help us wrap up our tree.

We went to the special Christmas tree wrapping up station to get our tree wrapped up. It was very funny as Mr Chopper Upper, Wrapper Upper got wrapped up too!

We can’t wait to get our tree up in the nursery!

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