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The Great Wave of Kanagawa – Hokusai

In Primary six as part of our water topic we’ve been finding out about and creating our own wave pictures similar to The Great Wave off Kanagawa produced by Hokusai….

Water Poetry

We have been investigating water this term and have been creating poetry associated with weather, the ocean and things that live in water.  We created tanka, alphabetical and syllable poems….

Teamwork and feelings in Primary 6

Today in Primary 6 we had an afternoon focused on teamwork and health. We made “human knots” in the gym hall and had lots of fun trying to work out…

Predicting the weather!

Today we were thinking about the water cycle and investigating air pressure and how this effects the weather.  We constructed simple barometers, made predictions about the experiment outcomes and over…

Deep, Deep Down!

As part of our water topic we’ve been looking at the sea and the sea floor. We’ve discovered how it can help oil businesses make money but that it can…