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Bee Bot Mat Design

Rooms 10, 12 and 14 were set the challenge of designing and creating a Bee Bot mat to be used with other classes within the school. The children used their…

Potato Batteries

Primary 7 have been exploring electricity and batteries. They have investigated what is needed to create a battery. Using a potato/apple, wires and zinc and copper strips they made their…

More Passionate Talks in P7

And some more talks…… Photography. Football. Callan’s Collection. Cubs. Music. Tennis Golf. Sand! Trumpet. There’s still more to come……..  

Passionate P7’s

We set our P7 pupils a challenge. Talk about something you are passionate about!! Their Success Criteria was: make eye contact with your audience talk for more than a minute…

Safety Tips

As a year group the P7s are looking at Energy and Electricity. In our co-operative learning groups we created Electricity safety posters.