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Scottish Parliament Workshop!

Today Room 11 had a visitor in from the Scottish Government to teach us all about how the Scottish Parliament works.  As well as the history of Holyrood, we learned…

Bridge over the Dee!

This week we have been continuing with our water topic. On Tuesday we were building bridges and thinking about shapes and connections make them strong. We had a lot of…

The Great Wave of Kanagawa – Hokusai

In Primary six as part of our water topic we’ve been finding out about and creating our own wave pictures similar to The Great Wave off Kanagawa produced by Hokusai….

Google Hangouts and Night Zookeeper

Yesterday, Room 11 a very exciting writing adventure. We used the chromebooks to access the Night Zookeeper, an exciting website where we have been developing our writing skills. We made…

Water Poetry

We have been investigating water this term and have been creating poetry associated with weather, the ocean and things that live in water.  We created tanka, alphabetical and syllable poems….