Blankety Blank in Reading

In Room 18 we have been working in trios to do some of our reading activities. We really like doing Blankety Blank. One person in the group reads the text and we all discuss what the missing words could be. We can write as many words as we want as long as they make sense in the writing. If we think of a suitable word we get one point and if we get the same word as the author we get two points. It sounds easy but Mrs Bain doesn’t take just any word, it has to fit in with the story and be in the correct tense.

“It helps you with your grammar and your teamwork skills.”

“It helps us with cooperation.”

“It’s challenging but fun.”

“It helps me read more.”

“It’s a really good way to learn and it helps you work more with groups of people.”

“I think that other people should do more because it is very good to learn.”

“It’s not about getting all the points it’s about having fun.”

“I thinks it’s fun and interactive with other people.”

“I think it makes reading a lot more fun and it encourages people to read.”

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