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Room 6 – Shape pictures.

We have been learning all about shapes in Primary 1. Room 6 used different shapes to create their own imaginative pictures. Can you guess what each picture is?

Primary 1 – Room 6 – Class Assembly

Last Friday the boys and girls in room 6 presented their storytelling assembly to the rest of the school – they told the story of Goldilocks and the three bears….

Room 6 – Making a pattern.

During some of our Math’s lessons this term we are looking at Pattern. Yesterday we made our own patterns using different materials.  

Room 6 – Exploring our indoor and outdoor classroom.

Since starting Primary 1 we have all been very busy exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms. We have been busy paining, cutting, running, drawing, building, balancing and drawing.

Nursery : Water wall and Puppet theater

We have had a busy week repairing resources in Nursery this week. Our outdoor water wall has been broken for a long time but with the help of the boys…