Aims & Policies

img_02211Any large organisation has to have clear and fair policies on everything from behaviour to how to deliver the curriculum. The list of Mile End policies is available on this page. Should anyone wish to discuss them please contact the Head Teacher via our enquiry form or via the office on 01224 498140

Mile End Aims

Our school vision is one which encourages a culture of ambition and achievement, where we provide the highest quality education in a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment. Our school is unique with Additional Support Needs and mainstream classes working closely together for the benefit of all learners.

  1. We aim to make our pupils lifelong learners.

We encourage the children to be active participants in their own learning process so they can develop skills for the needs of our modern society.

We provide high quality opportunities for active learning to engage our pupils to develop vital skills, knowledge and attitudes.

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2.  We aim to provide an inclusive environment.

We promote positive behaviour and encourage responsible attitudes, showing respect for each other, our school and our environment.

We value diversity, recognising all pupils, staff, carers, parents and visitors should feel valued, respected and welcome.

We aim to promote inclusion and equality to enable all members of the school community to participate in life-long learning.

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  3.  We aim to work in partnership with others.

We encourage parents and carers as partners communicating in an open, honest way to enhance involvement in their child’s learning and the life of the school.

We aim to promote global citizenship, encouraging involvement with local, national and world communities fostering care and respect for others.

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A focus group of P7 pupils were asked to write an ethos statement. They were asked to consider what they valued about the school and how they would like it to be seen by people visiting.

“Our school is one which encourages ambition and any achievement for an individual, class or the whole school. We provide the highest quality education which is active in a welcoming and clean environment.

Our school is unique because mainstream and Additional Support Needs classes work closely together, this evidently shows that we are inclusive. All pupils, teachers and staff are treated with equity.

We promote diversity and challenge students at their own level. We also encourage positive behaviour, responsible attitudes and showing respect for all.

Our school is very sociable as we have already worked with the community several times and we hope to do more partnership with them.”

P7’s 2016 – 2017


Mile End Policies:-

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