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About our Nursery

We have 80 nursery places comprising 40 spaces in the morning and 40 spaces in the afternoon. The Nursery is staffed by a Teacher, a Senior Early Years Practitioner, two full-time and two part-time Early Years Practitioners. Each session lasts 3 hours and 10 minutes.

We follow the Curriculum for Excellence which is the curriculum your child will access in Scotland between the ages of 3 and 18.

Learning in nursery is fun!   At this age children learn through play and enjoy carefully planned experiences to help them engage with the curriculum at early level.  At Mile End our nursery pupils have ownership of their learning and are involved in planning what they would like to learn. They choose which activities they wish to be involved in on a daily basis.  At each activity or “learning context” there will be a number of choices to ensure that each child is challenged and stimulated. Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible.

At Mile End activities are organised daily inside and outside to ensure a broad and balanced learning experience for all the children. The cloakroom area is utilised to provide more opportunities for music making, dancing, dressing up and role play. The children have a healthy snack during the session and this in itself provides opportunities for learning as the children are fully involved in choosing and preparing the food. Often this will mean looking at recipes, reading packaging and instructions as well as baking or cooking.

Staff continually observe the children to plan next steps in their learning. Parents are invited to make their contributions and suggestions to the plans which are on view in the nursery. Parents are welcome to sign up to “stay and play” at nursery throughout the school year.

Children in nursery all have an “Interactive Learning Diary” which is their personal record of their learning and achievements. This can be accessed through an App and you will be provided with an user name.  This will allow  you to see how your child is progressing in Nursery and it also allows you to add learning from home.

The nursery is very much a part of the school and as such has access to the gym hall, soft play area etc.

Our Nursery Day

Morning –    8.40am – 11.50am
Afternoon – 12.30pm – 3.40pm