House System

Balmoral house badge

Mile End School is a very large primary school with around 500 pupils.  We work hard to recognise achievements with our ‘Mile End Smiles’ and ‘Achievement Walls’ within the classrooms and corridors. A house system allows us to recognise achievements routinely and record achievements in a standard way. A house system also promotes good citizenship by asking the children to identify with a house and help support others in their house.

House points are awarded by all staff and running totals of the house points are shared at assembly on a regular basis as well as displayed throughout the school.

Positions of responsibility are awarded to children in Primary 6 and 7 including house captain and vice captain and prefects. These pupils will be easily recognizable by the wearing of badges.

Who chose the houses?

The children were challenged to consider house names in assembly. A vote was held with the children voting on the most popular suggestions and our houses were born!

Edinburgh house badge

The teams who proposed that castle names be used were tasked with working with Julie Malhan of Fifthbusiness to work up the designs for the emblems. They were asked to consider a house colour, motto and also the graffic that would come to represent the house itself.

How are children placed in houses?

Crathes house badge

Children are placed in a house along with siblings. We have split the children by surname trying to get roughly equal numbers in each house. As children move in and out of the area this will never work out exactly, but in the interests of fairness we will work out an average points per pupil when calculating the winning house at key points through the year.

When children first join us at Mile End they will be allocated a house and will begin to strongly associate with it through house activities, challenges and winners trips.

How are house points awarded?

Points are awarded to children who show their understanding and application of the school values which are those linked with Curriculum for Excellence.

Stirling house badge

Staff are also able to award house points for any acts that demonstrate a value or theme in school.

On a weekly basis house point totals are handed to the senior management team who record running totals.

There are house point display boards at the front of school and in each teaching area so that the children can keep track of how their house is doing.

The values of both the Scottish Parliament and Curriculum for Excellence are:

Wisdom, integrity, justice and compassion.

We explore values at assembly where the children are led to suggest ways of being a good citizen and earn house points. A theme linked to the values is explored every few weeks with follow up work being undertaken in class.

Over a two year cycle the children are lead to explore the following themes linked to the 4 values:

Co-operation, caring, courage, feedom, appreciation, honesty, hope, humility, love, responsibility, patience, happiness, friendship, peace, quality, respect, simplicity, tolerance, thoughtfulness, understanding, unity and trust.