A Very Special Visitor in Room 6

This week we were very lucky to have a special visitor.  Sock the guinea pig came to see us with his owners.  We learned lots!  He is called Sock because he has got a ginger paw and it looks like he is wearing a sock.  Sock can squeak and he can popcorn!  When Sock popcorns he jumps up because he is happy.  He sleeps with his eyes shut but he can also sleep with his eyes open!  He likes to eat apples, peppers, carrots and cucumber skin.  Sock always has fresh water too.  The children listen very carefully and asked good questions.  Now we know how to look after a guinea pig.

Here are some of our thoughts –

‘I loved seeing Sock.’                                             ‘I had fun meeting Sock.’

‘Sock looked really soft.’                                         ‘Sock Is really beautiful.’

‘He was so happy and he had cute eyes.’              ‘Sock was very well behaved in our classroom.’

‘Sock was very fluffy.’                                              ‘We know how to look after guinea pigs now.’

‘Sock has to get his nails clipped like us!’               ‘His eyes were nice.’

‘Our friend gave us lots of information about looking after a guinea pig.’



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