A month in……….

Can you believe it! 4 weeks back. Where did summer go?

Here’s what we have been doing.


The very tricky topic of 3 figure bearings. Boy did we struggle with that!

Super tough problem solving. ‘Working Backwards’ and ‘Open Ended Problems’ have been our strategies we have been learning about so far.

Beat That to keep us on our toes with mental calculations.

Number Talks – talking about our ability to work out problems and the strategies we use.


Setting targets for AR. What will we read next and how many books will we manage by October holidays?

Some tricky comprehension on the Edinburgh Marathon and the History of Electricity.

Looking for sophisticated vocabulary in our AR readers. A challenge when one pupil is reading ‘War & Peace’

Listening & Talking – big questions and talks about our passions.

Writing – looking at good and evil in our characterisation.

Note taking – how to do it effectively with a view to report writing.

Health & Well Being

Our goals for P7. Where do we want to be by the end of the year?

Bounce Back. Whole school have looked at Emotions.


Electricity & Energy – we have made circuits which can light bulbs, power propellors and make very noisy buzzers buzz(much to Mrs Sykes annoyance)

We have looked at the history of how electricity was discovered with the help of the BBC ‘Shock and Awe’ programme.


Team games – how to work together and compete against each other.


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