Room 1 -Happy Shoesday

Happy Shoesday! We had lots of fun yesterday wearing our special shoes to school. First we had a little fashion show in the classroom where we got to show off our wonderful shoes….

PM trip – 11th May

Some children explored the Numicon shapes and number stones and some explored ways to use our skipping ropes!

AM trip 11th May

We chose different routes to get to our “base camp” today.  Some children were given the responsibility of choosing our path at different points and we ended up in the…

Mark Making Fun with Chalk

After seeing some numbers written in chalk on the walls and on the ground, some children decided they would like to mark make too. Some chose to write letters or…

It will LIKELY rain today!

We have been learning about probability and if something is likely or unlikely to happen.  We have also been using the words always, sometimes and never.  Mr Torrens asked us…