It’s On The Cards

Room 11 were learning mental strategies in maths using playing cards last week. Tough but fun!

P6s are Flying High

The P6 year group started the year with a mini science project. We looked at paper aeroplanes and what makes them fly. We talked about resistance, streamlining, gravity and propulsion….

Graduation Day!

The children looked fantastic – all dressed up to celebrate their Nursery Graduation. We had a bit of fun with our friends and photos before attending the Graduation Ceremony.    …

Summer Break

Mrs Davidson wishes everyone a happy, relaxing summer break.  She will return as Head Teacher until October 2017.

Room 7 – KPMG Party

Room 7 celebrated the end of their reading sessions with KPMG yesterday and were treated to an afternoon of games and quizzes. They had lots of fun outside playing a…