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Active Schools Taster Session

On Friday the 29th of September both Primary 6 classes went to the Beach Leisure Center for a sports taster session.┬áThis was part of the year groups mini sports topic…

Maths Week in P6

On Monday we had Professor Jen Scott with us. She works at the University of Aberdeen. She told us how she uses maths in her work. She can calculate how…

It’s On The Cards

Room 11 were learning mental strategies in maths using playing cards last week. Tough but fun!

P6s are Flying High

The P6 year group started the year with a mini science project. We looked at paper aeroplanes and what makes them fly. We talked about resistance, streamlining, gravity and propulsion….

First Aid

P6 have completed the 2nd level First Aid course. Today we were learning how to treat stings, burns, anaphylaxic shock and cuts. We can now identify these conditions and know…