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FRENCH CAFÉ – The Big Event!

Bonjour! We had an extremely successful afternoon at the grand opening of our French Café this week! We were all dressed up in our French Outfits, Chef’s hats and personalised aprons, and…

Home Teams

We have been working really hard in class in our new home teams to create a team name and banner.  It’s fun working and learning together!

Questionnaire for a local cafe

We have been using the internet to find out information about a local cafe.  Miss Petrie then set a home team task where we had to devise questions for the…

Children in Need Day

We had great fun raising money for Children in Need.

French Cafe Interviews

We wrote job application letters to the primary sevens. They came to our classroom to interview us for the positions of maitre’d, cashier, cleaner, chef, waitress and waiter.  We enjoyed…